POEM: With Longing

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You lie
feet hanging stiffly off the end of the mattress
Your soles
a soft, wrinkled peach
rubbing and twitching, occasionally
like a lazy cricket
distracted, perhaps
by the flutter of grass blades
or the squawking of birds overhead,

And our child,
somehow the same
painted desert,
lies also
legs splayed out
topped in turquoise blue underwear,
her hair,
an explosion of dark brush
you both,
breathing steadily.

And I am happy
to be sitting up
not pressed between
the scorching earth
and darkening sky
each pushing in-

-on me.

I want
to curl up and lie in the heat of you
want to
curl her up-
wrap myself around her
like the radiating orange arms of the sun
I want
to make her feel safe
as if no bird is watching
no blades of grass tremble in the distance
I want
to let her swim in the warm glow
of my heart
And I too,
want to feel that safety
in you.

But our bed is small
you each
devour the space between
like hungry creatures
awakened by the dusk,
so I watch
from a distance
we watch
I and the bird

with longing.