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Video: Reaching Your Writing Climax

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Once you get into the habit of writing you will eventually reach your writing climax, a plateau in your desire to write. How do nurture and maintain your passion and still manage a normal life? Does writing take precedence over housework? Child rearing? Spousal needs? Let’s explore that. #tenminutes This post is a part of the #tenminute challenge. To learn more visit: Ten Minute Challenge and join the movement!


Video: Finding Your Writing Sweet Spot

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Too cold outside today to type, so I did a video post for the #tenminute challenge instead. My first every video post, so bear with me. Today’s Morning Thoughts are about Finding Your Writing Sweet Spot, Writing with Children, Ten Minute Commitments and other ponderings. Hope you find some gems in there. Enjoy! #tenminutes Part of the Ten Minutes series… A challenge to write for ten minutes everyday, no matter what. Learn more… Join the movement!