Chorus of Blue

Childhood Hang-ups & the Elusive Better Life

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I had a relatively difficult childhood. We were poor most of the time, very unstable, moved around a lot, hopping from motel to friends house to shelter to homes of our own, then back again. There were drugs and alcohol and abuse between our parents and child protective services always on our tails. We had a lot to worry about, a lot to be thankful for, and a lot of misconceptions about ‘normal’ life. We had a hard time, but there were others who had it worse, and we knew…read more

There Was a Moment Today

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There was a moment today when, in the sheer misery that is my own strep throat, body aches and pounding headache, my toddler found herself exhausted, flustered and demanding a cookie (this is the nice way to describe an all out fit). She shrieked and cried and I promptly laid her atop me and sang the only song that calms her. Sure, my tonsils raged in protest, my body ached against the weight of her, but it felt so good to be the one she needed, to be able to…read more


Hardship Values: How to Instill Values in a Generation of Spoiled Kids

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I’m not going to pretend to remember every little thing that we did in our childhood. My siblings and me. But there are certain things that stand out. We were bad kids, though not by our parents’ definition. We stole, got in fights, cursed, tagged on walls and cars, destroyed public and private property, ran away, got in all kinds of trouble. We were a happily quasi-functional family. I don’t remember my mom ever sitting me down and saying, “Don’t steal from people only from stores,” but we somehow maintained…read more

The Motherhood Project

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I have been challenged to write daily on the subject of ‘motherhood’ for one year. Granted, I was supposed to begin at the start of January, so that I would have a solid 365 entries to boast, but I havent been terribly good about the whole ‘daily’ element of it. So, I am going to begin posting here, perhaps, if I have a few followers, it will elicit a bit more commitment and accountability on my part. Time will tell. As a writer, I feel that, you can’t truly call…read more