POEM: “For Sleeping Hearts”

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For sleeping hearts to wake instead
Like leadened souls, roused from the dead
That cold, black organ blushing pink
With jasmine rising from the stink
And hints of hope that lie ahead.

When all the hurtful things once said
From Fate, are finally unwed
Oh, what relief one’s sure to think
For sleeping hearts.

But careful of what hope has bred
For by that same leash, hearts were led
Down to the deepest depths to sink
By Love’s cruel anchor, link by link
Oh, what a dang’rous path to tread
For sleeping hearts!

I recently picked up the book, “The Daily Poet: Daily Writing Prompts for Your Writing Practice” on Amazon. It has 365 days of prompts and this is the first I’ve done (December 9th). Writing in form was not my ideal way to start, but I actually found it refreshing to be so directed. It’s easier to combat writers block when you are given strict parameters to write in.

This particular prompt required you to write in the form of a Rondeau. I’ve never written a Rondeau, but I am very happy with thr results. Now, it’s your turn! Write a poem in the form of a Rondeau. Google it to find out the rules of the form.