Poem: Business as Usual

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I wake up and want to write.

Pull on my favorite gray sweater
Brew a cup of coffee
Settle into the dirty couch.

There are so many ideas
Thoughts running through my head
And I tiptoe across the keyboard
Hoping to keep the house quiet.

I recount dreams
Blog, Edit, Repost.
Type without much thought
Building habits in the quiet.

But gradually children wake up
As I knew they would
And I try to give the sense that
I don’t want to be bothered today

Today I am writing, children.
And you should work things out for yourselves.

But they see my silence
My short, but soft, answers as a problem:
Do you want me to make you something to eat?

Or an invitation:
Mommy, I woke up with all these birds outside my window, and…

Or it goes unnoticed:
Can I eat the leftover chicken from a couple of days ago?

Business as usual.

And that’s the inevitable part of writing, isn’t it?
That your peace will be shattered
Your flow, interrupted.

Whether children or deadlines
Hungry cats or needy husbands


Will be in the way.



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