Observations II

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The three of you
Splayed out–

You and your brother
Two little bodies
Covers tossed and tangled
About you

Your hair–
Beautiful dark brush
Wild staghorn coral
Curling and sticking straight up
Or out
Or everywhere

Your long tanned legs
The delicate sculpture
Of ears, fingers–
A wet invisible thumb
The roundness of everything

And your cat
Our dear friend
Larger than I remember
Curled up, his tiny precious chin
Poking out at me–

Fur contracting in
A steady rhythm
With the rise and fall
Of his too-vulnerable

You are all very safe
My little ones
And I cover
just the two of you up
Protect you
From the morning chill
With the same blanket
You pulled over me
Only hours ago– gently tucking me in.

You’re only five, my daughter
And already your heart is
That of a mother.

All of you will one day be
So much greater
Than me.

For my children QBA & DIA