Journal: Roadblocks and New Reading

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I havent gone a day without thinking about writing for ten minutes… though Ive gone a few days without writing. My main roadblock is that I feel like I have to write something *good* something worthy of sharing, publishing, revising. But that’s not what the ten minute challenge is all about. It’s about building habits. So I have to abandon this silly notion of spilling out gold every time I touch a keyboard and just write. Write something. Write anything. I’ve also taken to reading again. My current novel is “The Subtle Knife” which I believe is a sequel to “The Golden Compass.” It was just randomly on my Kindle, so I read it. About half way through and enjoying it. Reminds me of how much I wanted to write fantasy… the concept of daemons existing kind of as souls that are outside the body is so awesome, smacking myself in the head wishing Id thought of it. But it always leads me back to jinns… and my plan to explore that within the science fiction-fantasy realm.

Anywho. Ive written now. For ten whole minutes, lol. #tenminutes

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