POEM: Istikhaara

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I made a prayer for guidance
And signs like meteors
came barreling forth

We sat on the lawn and watched them
light fire to everything
Each hope and near certainty
set ablaze

I saw the ash rise up in the air
like a warning
choked on it
coughed       wept

Then we held hands and laughed
at the heavens
giggled to ourselves
like God’s signs were something

Like desire could trump fate.

Now years later and those desires lay
before us like a dead body
Rank and no longer writhing

waiting to be buried
waiting to be a long, bad memory.

Everything has been covered in eight years
of ash like the Lovers of Pompeii
crystallized forever
in concrete.

I remembered the meteors today and cried
We’ve been paying penance for that laughter

And now I pray for signs to make it through the atmosphere
I want to caress the carcass of our love

and say goodbye.