How to Connect

FacebookFacebook: Want to connect via Facebook? Check out my Facebook page where I post lots of interesting links and resources for aspiring/fellow writers, including contests, scholarships, articles and writing challenges.


Twitter: Like to keep it brief? Follow me on Twitter where you can stay up-to-date on my latest works and get connected to some of the most interesting and elevating news in the writing world today!

PinterestPinterest: All about the imagery? Follow my personal Pinterest page where I share boards about everything from Cooking to Crafts, Faith to Fashion, DIY Dream Projects to Once in a Lifetime World Travel.

Google Plus

Google+: Connect with me on Google+ for both casual and professional networking opportunities. Google+ is the control center for all of my social and professional networking sites.


Linkedin: Want to make a professional connection? Find out more about me, my professional writing work and my growing business, Creative Motivations. Let’s network and see how we can benefit one another.

YouTubeYoutube: Prefer video? Check out my Youtube channel, where I share the latest in my personal vlog posts as well as all my favorite poets, speakers, and web personalities. Lots of DIY videos, too!

InstagramInstagram: Photography inspire you? Me too! Connect with me on Instagram to find your own inspiration with a glimpse of beauty in the everyday. Experience the chaotic world of a writer in motion.

leaf-iconBP Naturally: Interested in my Natural Health journey for managing Bipolar Disorder? Follow along on my blog to learn more about the methods, tools and supplements I’m using.

etsy iconEtsy Shop: Looking for my shop: Creative Motivations, where I sell an amazing line of educational and motivational products for Muslims and Homeschoolers? Check it out now!