Freewrite: Our Power Flashed Out

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Last night
A deluge of rain
Our power flashed out
Left us, then returned
Then left again

I awoke in darkness
Not prescribed
And sought the blue light
Piercing through the void
Hoping for something

Sat up in the bed
After an hour of exposure
Head throbbing
Unsure of
what to do with myself

Our power was back, true
Gone completely unnoticed
So I tried to sit still
though my bones moaned
with age

I wanted to rise up
with some purpose;
Wanted there to be a meaning
for the strange hour
of my consciousness

So I processed the laundry
Recognized my body
was sick
Made medicine
Rinsed the spoon

Felt all the tenseness of this life
Bundled tight in my shoulders
Remembered my loneliness
Thought about meditation
Took to writing, instead

Now I sit here, aching
Listening to the water
drip down from the rooftops
Wanting, so badly
to just find my way

Wondering when
I will make my way home.