Freewrite: For 14 Days

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For 14 days
I wake at odd hours
Because those who love you
But cannot say they love you
Or cannot know what love is
Recommend these things
in love.

And gradually,
I feel the weight of my body
slip away from me.
Each bend and prostration easier
than the last.

I do not weep,
(though I know my heart
is only hard temporarily)
except when I think of one dying
whom I cannot, but love
as I feel myself loved
or I imagine.

I wish for long life
for the moons
for my heart
And my lips neither quiver
nor eyes cry

But you.

Your death, impending
A near guarantee
For you,
I wail and plead
Do not take this one
away from me
away from all of us.

Grant this one forgiveness
Grant this one peace
Grant this one love

How I plead for you
though you have never asked me
How I hope to meet you
again, a third life.

But not now
-not so soon
How you’ve softened my heart
My dearest friend
How you’ve planted these seeds
And built your garden

May God keep you, beloved,
May He envelop you in His love,