Freewrite: Consider

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The chill does not abate
A cold and sad gray sky
looming above me
above all of us
as if waiting for something

perhaps light.

I turn the space heater on
Feel the tenseness of living
return to my shoulders
neck, back
bemoan the aches.

Consider the children
As I always do
As I must
As I cannot avoid
For the sake of the heart
And social norms, too.

They sleep soundly
Like the cat, curled
on a stiff new chair
determined to make a space
for himself
in/on/about everything

How these things invade us
violate our peace
take hold of our thoughts

I breathe slow
Long to walk out
into the brisk air
But laziness and
bad knees restrain me

I long for a hand-in-hand
soft, intentional
but love the moons more
more than any temporary joy
more being known
by any other heart

Love them more than myself
As if myself has never known love
Though I must (it’s true!)
choose myself

I am reminded:

Proceed with caution
Navigate by the stars
Careful how you cast
your shadow

They will grow dim
in the wrong light.