Freewrite: At 33 Now

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At 33 now
my body aches
the bend of my elbows
turns my hands cold as ice
my wrists cramp with every mouse click
my fingers stiffen with each key pressed
and my knees, too!
Howling under the desk
and my boney feet, even
so frigid and so hard.

there is no beauty
in a lack of blood flow
no glory in joints that creak
and moan.

I’ll not have the stoic gray hair
to justify
to fill the aches with grace
to speak with a voice of wisdom

I’ll not have the pause of contemplation
the slow talk
the caution in my words

a sad life of frustrated failures
pains to remind
how my body was ruined
and my youth was wasted
with many more years
to live out the agony.



Do you have a recurring or constant pain or ache in your body? Or do you have a friend, parent or relative who often complains of some constant pain? Write about that pain from the perspective of the pain itself? What will it say to the body it ravages? Does it prevent the person from some task they love? If so, is it an act of cruelty or kindness? Does this pain prevent them from some good they used to do? Or does the pain prevent them from some evil? Try to think outside the box.

Need some help getting started? Try these rules (optional):

1. Focus on a pain in the thumb, chest, or teeth.
2. You must use the words, “sorry,” “joy,” and “hyena.”
3. For a poem, use an AB BC AB BC rhyme scheme.
4. For a story, make it a 1-page monologue.
5. For art, draw the sensation of the pain without drawing the body part.

Ready? Set. Write forth!