FREEWRITE: An Arrangement

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You ask me to consider an arrangement
I have always liked daffodils, after all
Even if they no longer smell sweet.

So I stare at them, frozen in time
Brightening up the corner of a dark room
In a dull, familiar way.

You ask me to consider this arrangement
In lieu of any other; to settle upon almost lovely
Instead of fresh and new and slated to die

You imply the risk, it is not directly stated
Or maybe that part is me and my own apprehensions
So many new arrangements have wilted and died.

And you insist that you could arrange for me
to enjoy these blossoms; this shell of a once bountiful life
for the rest of my days.

How easy it would be:
If only I would consider the arrangement.

And I do.

I stare at it:
Dissecting each piece of each flower
Stamen to stem.

A once beautiful, almost bright corona
Each delicate petal
A withering spathe-

I want to finger the parts
Try to remember what it felt like in bloom
Contemplate muscle memory.

But I cannot.
My imagination fails me
And the arrangement stands stoically, waiting:

Dissatisfied and impossible to touch.