Free Write: We Set Our Clocks Back

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We set our clocks back
Return to the lie
Now the drive home is dark,

Boney limbs reach out to a gray-
blue sky
Shadows of their former selves
in the absence of the light.


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Daylight saving can be a huge disruption in many people’s lives. Do they practice daylight saving where you’re from? If so, write for a few minutes about the effects of Daylight Saving on your life. Does it affect your sleep habits, work habits, sex life, stress levels, writing practice? Does it have no noticeable effect at all? If you need a little help, try this, in your writing you must follow these rules:

1. You cannot use the words “Daylight,” “Saving,” or “Time.”
2. You must use the words, “Dark,” “Sun,” and “Green.”
3. Your writing must use at least 3 lines.
4. OPTIONAL: Write it as a haiku.

Ready? Set. Write!