Free Write: Storm

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This morning I missed a storm
I relish storms: the sound, the scent
The threatening roll of thunder
The cool comfort in sheets of rain
I didnt even glance out through the glass

Instead, I sat, sinking down in the couch,
consumed with setting passwords
internet monitoring, time curfews
gaming restrictions

I sat trying to be a better mother
Keep my kids on task
Monitor their screen time
Keep them focused on whats important in life

I sat for hours setting up these computers,
then hours more helping them with school

I sat until the deluge became a light sprinkle
The sprinkle a mist
The mist just atmosphere

I sat until the storm was just
a half-formed memory in my heart
never fully realized
a distant dream I couldnt quite recall

I sat
and now I sit again
mourning it.

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