Fireside Chat: The (Lack of a) Space for Writing

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There has been a lull in my writing, even the Motherhood Project posts, which is unfortunate since I had such momentum in the beginning. There is a reason, however. Aside from the usual and very valid excuses, such as kids, appointments, illness, the chaos of home life taking over my personal life, etc… there’s a more concrete reason this time.

The lack of a space to write.

I know, for some people they can write anywhere (ok, I assume, I don’t actually know ANYONE who says that) but for me, a dedicated writing space makes all the difference. I have been trying for weeks to set aside a space (in my room) just for my writing, a desk, a laptop, a place to set down my chai, and books, lots of books. The idea was that I’d get up each morning and sit at the desk, in the coveted quiet of the morning, and write. No matter how small or short… I’d get up and write something.

That was the idea at least.

The problem began when the laptop I’d tried to refurbish (after my children’ prolonged destruction of it) just wasn’t working out. Then my room got messier and messier. Then my To-Do list grew and grew, and as always, my writing took a back seat yet again. I tried to write in my (business) office, but it is utter chaos and not conducive to reflective thought. I tried outdoors, and even went to great lengths to make a nice secluded space (after the distraction of my impromptu decision to build my children a club house… which I did, with excruciating soreness to follow. Then the realization that I need to get on my gardening, build my boxes, order my seeds, plan the boxes, clean up the yard, shop for supplies, etc…. which I am STILL in the process of doing). Yes, many many things pulled me away from my personal commitment to my craft. But the number one thing has been, I just don’t have anywhere quiet and comfortable to write.

So today, on my 25 item To-Do list is: Clean my room. I have acquired an alternative to the laptop (an awesome little keyboard and mouse for my tablet, which I am using right now), which I will do a little “Writer’s Gear” review on… because you simply MUST get them, so awesome! And I am taking the moment, mid-breakfast to write this post. Which is a start. So why is a space to write so important?

Well, we’ll get into that in the next post, and we’ll talk more about the elements of a good space, must-have tools, options for the space-challenged, and I’ll share a bit of my personal experience and perhaps a few pics of my space if I ever get it together. I’d love to hear more about your (non)space, as well! Does the lack of an ideal space for your writing keep you from your craft? What works and doesn’t work for you? Where do you usually get your inspiration, and/or where do you usually write?

Looking forward to hearing from you all, can’t wait to get my own space together to share. Til then… thanks, as always, for reading, folks. See you by the fireside.

{This is a part of the fireside chat series. Casual conversations amongst writers about writing.}