Chorus of Blue

Poetry Project: National Geographic Photo of the Day Writing Prompts

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Ever since I was a young girl, I have been deeply fascinated by National Geographic magazine. The wonders of natural phenomena, distant cultures, space and the cosmos… it has all enthralled me for as long as I can recall. Early in life, I insisted my dream career was to be a NGeo photographer and travel the world capturing the unique beauty and wonder of this planet. As most childhood dreams fade, those did as well. But the fascination always remained. 

Now, I’d like to take an opportunity to revisit that fascination directly, but to do so from where I stand now, as a writer.

FREEWRITE: You Write Back

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There’s eagerness
I’m grateful I’m not the only one

There has never been much hope for us
But I want to pour my heart out
Like a journal entry

We fish for these connections
                             hands wet in anticipation
So desperate to be loved
or understood

So weary of being 

only desired.


Poem: Last Night, a Blood Moon

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Last night a blood moon
Super moon eclipse
I watched it dim through a double lens
Until sleep overtook me
We talked about the graptitude of the universe
And minutiae of our existence
Our bodies jutting out into space
And a billion stars-like ghosts lingering

Moons circling suns

Free Write: Nothing of Consequence

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The sun rises and the cat whines outside I know his routine, but I choose to write. There is a very long list of to-dos: empty accounts, unpaid bills, the responsibilities of parenthood looming in soft little breaths all around me. Our home creaks for attention, the subtle jingle of a ceiling fan I need to fix, pictures to hang, that broken drawer… most the food in boxes because I have yet to line the cabinets, sew bench cushions, polish the floors. And I know that he wants me, The…read more


Free Write: The Rain Goes

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The rain goes I cant   don’t pause boxes of books to unload old journals that weep hopelessness bad marriages children we love but didn’t want It feels like I’m reading someone else’s words this poor girl, she’ll never get out how little she knows of life and faith her flickers of hope are only flickers its a wonder I’m still alive. here is a new life and I’m unpacking the past page by page the ink bleeding through the other side i would burn it up but I refuse to…read more


Poem: Phantom Limb

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Listen to this poem: Betrayal leaves the deepest scar One we cannot see Only feel     like a phantom limb Hanging there invisibly We stumble over it Bang it on tables and chairs Feel the pain radiating up Through bones and skin We reach down and grasp at nothing but air All the grand reassurances and promises Like thin gauze on a festering wound Healing nothing Only sticking to the sore There is no salve for a limb You cannot see No bandage No way to bind the flesh It is…read more