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Poetry Project: National Geographic Photo of the Day Writing Prompts

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Ever since I was a young girl, I have been deeply fascinated by National Geographic magazine. The wonders of natural phenomena, distant cultures, space and the cosmos… it has all enthralled me for as long as I can recall. Early in life, I insisted my dream career was to be a NGeo photographer and travel the world capturing the unique beauty and wonder of this planet. As most childhood dreams fade, those did as well. But the fascination always remained. 

Now, I’d like to take an opportunity to revisit that fascination directly, but to do so from where I stand now, as a writer.

Free Write: Storm

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This morning I missed a storm I relish storms: the sound, the scent The threatening roll of thunder The cool comfort in sheets of rain I didnt even glance out through the glass Instead, I sat, sinking down in the couch, consumed with setting passwords internet monitoring, time curfews gaming restrictions I sat trying to be a better mother Keep my kids on task Monitor their screen time Keep them focused on whats important in life I sat for hours setting up these computers, then hours more helping them with…read more


Building a Better Family, One Step at a Time

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Today I took my daughters to the Y. We stumbled through a Zumba class, then BOSU, then swimming or treadmills… it was tiring, but rewarding, nonetheless. It was my first time exercising at the Y, theirs too… and, at first, I didn’t think much of it. But sitting here now, reflecting, I’ve  realized how important these experiences may be for them… for us. We all want this perfect ideal family. We want family meetings and vacations; home-cooked meals and holidays. I want to rarely have to yell (rather than daily),…read more


Ten Minutes

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I am a writer. That goes without saying. But balancing our passions, our callings, our crafts with the everyday responsibilities of parent, spouse, breadwinner, confidant, business owner… you pick your poison… well, that is an art we so often lack the skill (or will) to master. And our writing, our passions are always the first to suffer. So I am starting this post series, “Ten Minutes,” in an effort to get back into the habit of writing. Ten minutes may sound minor, trivial even, but when you go months without…read more


There Was a Moment Today

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There was a moment today when, in the sheer misery that is my own strep throat, body aches and pounding headache, my toddler found herself exhausted, flustered and demanding a cookie (this is the nice way to describe an all out fit). She shrieked and cried and I promptly laid her atop me and sang the only song that calms her. Sure, my tonsils raged in protest, my body ached against the weight of her, but it felt so good to be the one she needed, to be able to…read more


Playing with Blocks

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My toddler is pulling me from my chair, she wants me to build a castle. I want to finish my work. She pulls me with all the force her two-year old arms can muster and I give in and get up… like I always do. We sit and gather wooden blocks. Stacking them, one by one, in a box configuration, she picks up each one and says, “I want you to put this one, mommy!” So I take the block and place it ‘right there,’ as instructed. I’m trying to…read more