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Journal: Roadblocks and New Reading

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I havent gone a day without thinking about writing for ten minutes… though Ive gone a few days without writing. My main roadblock is that I feel like I have to write something *good* something worthy of sharing, publishing, revising. But that’s not what the ten minute challenge is all about. It’s about building habits. So I have to abandon this silly notion of spilling out gold every time I touch a keyboard and just write. Write something. Write anything. I’ve also taken to reading again. My current novel is…read more


Video: Finding Your Writing Sweet Spot

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Too cold outside today to type, so I did a video post for the #tenminute challenge instead. My first every video post, so bear with me. Today’s Morning Thoughts are about Finding Your Writing Sweet Spot, Writing with Children, Ten Minute Commitments and other ponderings. Hope you find some gems in there. Enjoy! #tenminutes Part of the Ten Minutes series… A challenge to write for ten minutes everyday, no matter what. Learn more… Join the movement!


Childhood Hang-ups & the Elusive Better Life

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I had a relatively difficult childhood. We were poor most of the time, very unstable, moved around a lot, hopping from motel to friends house to shelter to homes of our own, then back again. There were drugs and alcohol and abuse between our parents and child protective services always on our tails. We had a lot to worry about, a lot to be thankful for, and a lot of misconceptions about ‘normal’ life. We had a hard time, but there were others who had it worse, and we knew…read more

Fireside Chat: The (Lack of a) Space for Writing

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There has been a lull in my writing, even the Motherhood Project posts, which is unfortunate since I had such momentum in the beginning. There is a reason, however. Aside from the usual and very valid excuses, such as kids, appointments, illness, the chaos of home life taking over my personal life, etc… there’s a more concrete reason this time. The lack of a space to write. I know, for some people they can write anywhere (ok, I assume, I don’t actually know ANYONE who says that) but for me,…read more

Where the Hell are all the Forks? or Parenthood Retirement & Other Pipe Dreams

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I know they say that, as children grow up and leave, become independent and lead lives of their own, you’ll miss them. The house grows quiet and lonely and you call day after day looking to find your place in their lives. Wanting to be needed and necessary, yearning to kiss the booboos away and solve all their woes with some great parental wisdom acquired through years of suffering and experience. I know they say all that. But I don’t believe it. Not entirely, at least.

Playing with Blocks

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My toddler is pulling me from my chair, she wants me to build a castle. I want to finish my work. She pulls me with all the force her two-year old arms can muster and I give in and get up… like I always do. We sit and gather wooden blocks. Stacking them, one by one, in a box configuration, she picks up each one and says, “I want you to put this one, mommy!” So I take the block and place it ‘right there,’ as instructed. I’m trying to…read more

Stepmommy or Stepmonster? Part I

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If a woman came to me and said there is man whom she is seriously interested in, but he has young children of his own who live with him full-time, and this woman also has children of her own, who, should she and this man marry, would also be living with them full-time, if a woman came to me and wanted to know my advice in such a predicament, it would be very simple and quite succinct. Run. Like. Hell. Oh. Dear. That’s not the response you expected? *clutches pearls*…read more

Hardship Values: How to Instill Values in a Generation of Spoiled Kids

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I’m not going to pretend to remember every little thing that we did in our childhood. My siblings and me. But there are certain things that stand out. We were bad kids, though not by our parents’ definition. We stole, got in fights, cursed, tagged on walls and cars, destroyed public and private property, ran away, got in all kinds of trouble. We were a happily quasi-functional family. I don’t remember my mom ever sitting me down and saying, “Don’t steal from people only from stores,” but we somehow maintained…read more