About the Writer

I was born in 1982 in Seattle, Washington to Kenneth and Goldie, an interracial couple, which was not uncommon in Seattle at the time, and I was the last of four mulatto children. I spent most of my adolescence in Washington, being primarily poor, we lived in a variety of conditions: trailers, shelters, cars, abandoned houses/shacks, with friends and family and occasionally in nicer homes and apartments. In 1993 we moved to Los Angeles, California where my grandparents lived. Moving there, with my mother and sister, I always refer to as the worst mistake of our lives. It was a very long, dark and dysfunctional period for our family, from which most of us never recovered. In 1997 I was placed in a foster home and spent the rest of my high school career bouncing around foster homes until I graduated from Inglewood High School in the year 2000. I went on to begin my studies in genetics at UC Davis because ‘writing’ simply wasn’t ┬áviable career option for kids from the inner city. My first year was very successful, however, I quickly navigated to writing ad poetry classes and by the second semester changed my major to English. My time at UC Davis was the most pivotal in my writing career as I took an advanced workshop with Gary Snyder, famous poet of the Beat Generation, and he identified and nourished in my a talent and passion for writing that I had never taken as much more than a hobby.

My time at UC Davis was wild, passionate and immersed in poetry and my craft grew exceptionally well there. The first summer vacation I returned to L.A. and ended up converting to Islam shortly before my second year was to begin. I was (ill) advised not to return to UCD and eventually got married and had two wonderful children. That marriage was a difficult one from the start, and after seven years I was finally free of it. Toward the end of the marriage I returned to school at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, again focusing on poetry, and soon transferred to USC where my writing career finally began to take a certain direction. I excelled in my classes and workshops, but soon was confronted with serious tragedy in my family, which led to a very serious nervous breakdown. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008 shortly after the death of my nephew, Shion, and my life took very serious turns from that point.

I struggled with classes and social interactions, became very frustrated and withdrawn, and my writing went through lulls and explosions, much like my moods. In 2010, I remarried, moved to Wichita, Kansas, and became the full time step mom to four children, along with my own two children, so we became one very large, somewhat complex, family. I gave birth to my second daughter, Inayah, in 2012 bringing us to a total of seven children. Today, I am working to manage my condition naturally (check out my blog: bpnaturally.wordpress.com), raise my family, run my business (www.creative-motivations.com), and nourish my writing. If you follow along you will learn a great deal about me, my life and my work. Thanks, as always, for reading, responding, and following me on this journey. Cheers!