Chorus of Blue

Freewrite: Our Power Flashed Out

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Last nightA deluge of rainOur power flashed outLeft us, then returnedThen left again I awoke in darknessNot prescribedAnd sought the blue lightPiercing through the voidHoping for something Sat up in the bedAfter an hour of exposureHead throbbingUnsure of what to do with myself Our power was back, trueGone completely unnoticedSo I tried to sit stillthough my bones moanedwith age I wanted to rise upwith some purpose;Wanted there to be a meaningfor the strange hourof my consciousness So I processed the laundryRecognized my body was sickMade medicineRinsed the spoon Felt all…read more

FREEWRITE: Dream, Home

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The children away at campExcept the little oneAnd the half child, hanger-on I think how good it would be to be without themAnd how lonely in the big bedSave the cat, lip swollenStaring in contempt I sleep with wild dreams All the anxieties coming to playIn the new half-quietMy daughter’s warm long bodyTaking up space. The strange desperation:getting to school on time and painful adventures in uncomfortable classroomstrying to find a way out and a way in at the same time. The always present impossibility of geolocation for our physical…read more