Chorus of Blue

POEM: a long-term art

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here in the glow of you the ache finds a new place somewhere, somehow distant from my heart and i said: quiet dont talk about the future its funny that way loves a long-term art then patience for passion or miles to temper what fingers would fondle that quiet words start and whispers of always turned laughter at never the aching of distance your loving imparts -KH


Freewrite: After, Day 1

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I’m gonna listen to all the right songs And watch all the wrong movies And cry and despair And scream and hate you and love you And want you and need you And feel the great wincing relief that it’s over. You’ve made it so And maybe you hoped I would fight But it was already over. Your kisses had become hard and stale And your love, soft And useless to me. Once I convinced myself Once I said, I rather be unhappy than be alone. But you wouldnt. So…read more