Chorus of Blue

Free Write: Nothing of Consequence

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The sun rises and the cat whines outside I know his routine, but I choose to write. There is a very long list of to-dos: empty accounts, unpaid bills, the responsibilities of parenthood looming in soft little breaths all around me. Our home creaks for attention, the subtle jingle of a ceiling fan I need to fix, pictures to hang, that broken drawer… most the food in boxes because I have yet to line the cabinets, sew bench cushions, polish the floors. And I know that he wants me, The…read more


Free Write: The Rain Goes

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The rain goes I cant¬†¬† don’t pause boxes of books to unload old journals that weep hopelessness bad marriages children we love but didn’t want It feels like I’m reading someone else’s words this poor girl, she’ll never get out how little she knows of life and faith her flickers of hope are only flickers its a wonder I’m still alive. here is a new life and I’m unpacking the past page by page the ink bleeding through the other side i would burn it up but I refuse to…read more