Chorus of Blue

Poem: Phantom Limb

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Listen to this poem: Betrayal leaves the deepest scar One we cannot see Only feel     like a phantom limb Hanging there invisibly We stumble over it Bang it on tables and chairs Feel the pain radiating up Through bones and skin We reach down and grasp at nothing but air All the grand reassurances and promises Like thin gauze on a festering wound Healing nothing Only sticking to the sore There is no salve for a limb You cannot see No bandage No way to bind the flesh It is…read more


Poem: Go Back

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Go back and look at the small house the small room with the great window Go back and smell the fire burning hear the wood break beneath the weight of flame Go back and touch the round keys make your fingers stretch into each impression Go back to hear that mechanical click The muted sound of your own voice Go back to sift through piles of papers to layers of carpets on the cold wood floor Branches outside tapping the window The wind wailing at the coming storm Go back…read more