Chorus of Blue

Journal: Dreams of the Dead & Living Nostalgia

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I woke up after a series of disorienting and wild dreams. Dreams with long bus routes going in the wrong direction, apartments with unfamiliar people, a strong sense of panic, confusion and loss. I woke up after dreams of my grandmother needing me to set up a shower and my failure to do something so simple… pipes leaking everywhere, failure and chaos. In reflecting now, that seemed to be the theme… an inability to do things right. Failure. I remember a boy who I loved, I remember saying I always…read more


Journal: Roadblocks and New Reading

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I havent gone a day without thinking about writing for ten minutes… though Ive gone a few days without writing. My main roadblock is that I feel like I have to write something *good* something worthy of sharing, publishing, revising. But that’s not what the ten minute challenge is all about. It’s about building habits. So I have to abandon this silly notion of spilling out gold every time I touch a keyboard and just write. Write something. Write anything. I’ve also taken to reading again. My current novel is…read more


Video: Finding Your Writing Sweet Spot

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Too cold outside today to type, so I did a video post for the #tenminute challenge instead. My first every video post, so bear with me. Today’s Morning Thoughts are about Finding Your Writing Sweet Spot, Writing with Children, Ten Minute Commitments and other ponderings. Hope you find some gems in there. Enjoy! #tenminutes Part of the Ten Minutes series… A challenge to write for ten minutes everyday, no matter what. Learn more… Join the movement!


Free Write: Storm

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This morning I missed a storm I relish storms: the sound, the scent The threatening roll of thunder The cool comfort in sheets of rain I didnt even glance out through the glass Instead, I sat, sinking down in the couch, consumed with setting passwords internet monitoring, time curfews gaming restrictions I sat trying to be a better mother Keep my kids on task Monitor their screen time Keep them focused on whats important in life I sat for hours setting up these computers, then hours more helping them with…read more