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Stepmommy or Stepmonster: Part II – Broccoli & Other Evils

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If you troll the web, the various facebook groups and internet chat rooms for stepmothers you’ll find a wide range of brutal honesty, unbelievable ridicule, and a whole lot of self-righteous fluff and lies. There is a major taboo in this stepmothering business of ours. From the century-old evil stepmother persona we are labeled with to the incredulous and rather universal expectation that we must and will love and adore our darling stepchildren, may never ever speak an ill word of them, and we must be self sacrificial martyrs to…read more


Journal: The View From Where I Sit

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I was spurred to go on a bike ride this afternoon. It’s the first I’ve taken to really go out and explore on my own since I got this bike a couple weeks ago. I traveled along the partially paved bike path until I ran out of paving. Traveled along wistfully, surrounded by half-woods, searching for something. Some special place to call my own. Some little cove to steal away to in the early morning hours and write. I was searching for an escape from my life. I imagine that’s…read more

Fireside Chat: Inspiring Spaces

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I often fantasize about getting away from the city. It’s a longing for quiet inspiration, reconnecting with nature, and a place to reflect that has made me seriously consider moving my family out onto a farm. Granted, we don’t know anything of animal husbandry (that’s a word, right?), and our farming/gardening experience is minimal to say the least… but I love home repairs, refurbishing things, and above all… I love the quiet. And not that artificial soundproofed quiet, but the noisy quiet of nature. With cicadas chirping, birds squawking, the…read more

Journal: New Bike, New Experiences

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I recently got a bike. Its exciting, really. Its been a while since I’ve ridden a bike and, being that I don’t drive these days, a bike offers a whole new level of freedom and independence for me. I’m riding more and more frequently, as my behind gets used to the excruciating pain of riding for the first time in years (yes, I’m ordering a new seat), and hope to eventually explore new areas of Wichita, find new inspiration, and maybe even join some writers circles and workshops! Being homebound…read more


Video: Reaching Your Writing Climax

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Once you get into the habit of writing you will eventually reach your writing climax, a plateau in your desire to write. How do nurture and maintain your passion and still manage a normal life? Does writing take precedence over housework? Child rearing? Spousal needs? Let’s explore that. #tenminutes This post is a part of the #tenminute challenge. To learn more visit: Ten Minute Challenge and join the movement!


Fireside Chat: A Formula for Finding Your Ideal Writing Environment

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We spoke a while back about the need for a space to write. A dedicated area, be it an entire room, a corner, a chair, even a stair on the back porch, to write. A place you can always return to to get yourself in the right mindset. I have not yet pinned down that space for myself.. though visions of it haunt me daily. Instead, I’ve simply been going outdoors. First, it was a cozy space in the back yard… but facing the back fence got old very fast….read more


Poem: An Intimate Knowledge

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Although I know its not necessary to know the name of each bird, Their distinct calls: Chirp, shrill, twitter, caw, whoop, tweet, whistle, wail Or the name of the soft green grass beneath me Or the genus of these familiar jagged-leaved weeds Evergreen needles, long purple blooms The gray versus the brownish-gray squirrel These flat stacking stones The strange blood red bugs with frightening shells Although I know it is not necessary to know every detail I mourn it still: my ignorance. And wish I knew more for the sake…read more


Journal: The Myth of Balance

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I got straight up out of bed this morning, went pee, then walked downstairs and sat down at the laptop. It’s probably not healthy, probably not balanced, buts it’s already after 9 o’clock and I should have been writing hours ago. I can tell you that balance is something I talk a lot about but have yet to achieve. Even in a single day, balance eludes me. I think a lot about this vision of a writer’s life. I know tons of writers have kids, and husbands, and homework, and…read more


Poem: Business as Usual

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I wake up and want to write. Pull on my favorite gray sweater Brew a cup of coffee Settle into the dirty couch. There are so many ideas Thoughts running through my head And I tiptoe across the keyboard Hoping to keep the house quiet. I recount dreams Blog, Edit, Repost. Type without much thought Building habits in the quiet. But gradually children wake up As I knew they would And I try to give the sense that I don’t want to be bothered today Today I am writing, children….read more