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Childhood Hang-ups & the Elusive Better Life

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I had a relatively difficult childhood. We were poor most of the time, very unstable, moved around a lot, hopping from motel to friends house to shelter to homes of our own, then back again. There were drugs and alcohol and abuse between our parents and child protective services always on our tails. We had a lot to worry about, a lot to be thankful for, and a lot of misconceptions about ‘normal’ life. We had a hard time, but there were others who had it worse, and we knew…read more

Fireside Chat: The (Lack of a) Space for Writing

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There has been a lull in my writing, even the Motherhood Project posts, which is unfortunate since I had such momentum in the beginning. There is a reason, however. Aside from the usual and very valid excuses, such as kids, appointments, illness, the chaos of home life taking over my personal life, etc… there’s a more concrete reason this time. The lack of a space to write. I know, for some people they can write anywhere (ok, I assume, I don’t actually know ANYONE who says that) but for me,…read more